John T. Forcellese

Memorial Fund

  John's Team


19th Annual Golf Tournament - September 7, 2019
Falmouth Country Club - Falmouth, MA


We're watching the path of hurricane Dorian and hoping for the best.  As of 7:00 am today (Thursday, Sept. 5th), the tournament is still on, but we'll make the final call Friday morning.  In the meantime, we'll explore alternate dates just in case we have to reschedule. 


We'll keep you updated on the situation via email,  Facebook, our website or by phone.  There are several people who have not provided us with email addresses or phone numbers, so please make sure the golfers on your team are aware of the situation.


Prayers requested for good weather.




2018 Tournament Winners

Men’s Division

Chris Perry, Doug Clarke, George Kinnear, Pierre Desbiens

Women’s Division

Jeanne Jackman, Martha Catalano, Carol Fraser, Robin Clarke

Mixed Division

Chris Loud, Ned Callahan, Carey Dickson, Chris Fischer

Moderation Award

Larry Flick, Sue Flick, John Vidal, Penny Vidal